Vendor application

Rules to keep in mind when you apply:


ONLY Banting products will be allowed, i.e.: sugar free, low carb, high fat, NO vegetable oil, no artificial preservatives, no wheat, etc.

Do NOT apply if you sell: 1. weight loss products  2. Herbalife  3.  Aloe Ferox with longs lists of ingredients  3. Products higher than 30g carbs per 100g  4. Juice 5. Dried fruit.  6. If you have no clue what the LCHF lifestyle is about   7.  Products with long lists of foreign ingredients  8. Skin and body products containing paraffin or unnatural ingredients  10. Meal replacement shakes  11. Anything that is NOT food related. This is a FOOD market. We do not sell art and crafts, jewellery, clothes, toys, etc.

If your products contain one or some of above mentioned, your email will be ignored. Sorry guys, but my team of advisors do not have time to waste. If you follow the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you are welcome to obtain a stall if your product is approved, but please do not try to convince clients to follow the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. You are entitled to your opinion, but we love meat and animal products for a good reason.

PLEASE acquaint yourself with the basic rules of banting, if you are unsure if your product is compatible go to Applicants who are banters themselves, will enjoy preference. It is also preferable that the products should be grown, baked or processed by the stallholder, be local, fresh and of good quality. If you do not produce the products yourself, at least be passionate about a healthy banting lifestyle. Pricing must be fair and if possible, display the BEST BEFORE date.

We do not allow too many duplication of stalls and products, so if you are interested in having a stall, please go to the VENDORS page and check if your product is already on the market.

Stallholders must provide their own tables, gazebo’s, umbrellas, table cloths, extension cords, etc. Electricity is available. A Gazebo is a compulsory item, according to health regulations.

A 3×3 m space is R300 per day. For further information, please send me an email and include the ingredients you use to produce your product as well as a photo. If you are approved, the application form will then be sent to you. You may be asked to provide us with samples of you products for approval.

The banting market is an ideal venue for selling homemade food products. The opportunity to meet your clients face to face and sell directly to them enables you to market your homemade food products by emphasizing their uniqueness. Selling directly to your client enables you build a potentially profitable business. Marketing homemade food products at the banting market also involves creating attractive displays and sampling your foods by offering tastes to shoppers.