Coco Bistro

Rhino Roastery Coffee

Coffee, tea, water, hot chocolate, etc.

012 347 6050

Metabolica Med 


Your keto-friendly dietitian understands that food is one of the many joys of life.

Individualized meal plan and education to kick-start you low-carbohydrate and healthy-fat lifestyle.

The Ice Creamery

Banting ice cream, with no added sugar, sweetened with xylitol. Free from preservatives and artificial flavours.

Energize Health


Careen Visagie

Kombucha / Kefir
0762746890  /

Banting Buddy

For the love of Banting

Cornia Vosloo

Low carb living for the whole family – LCHF lifestyle coach
082 071 4284

Butter Me Up 

Bacon doughnuts, hamburgers, sausage rolls, etc.


Sugar-free cordials

Goedheid Uit Die Grond Uit
Banting- and diabetic-friendly range of cordials, drizzlers and cold drinks. Sugar-free, all natural ingredients with no unnatural preservatives or colourants added.
082458300 / 0765306050

Pure Primal

Sylvie Hewett

Body and Home

 011 958 2934

Du Plooy Melkery

Farm products

Just Berry Plants

Organic Berry Plants, Herbs and Fruit & Nut Trees

Linda Wainman
082 307 8241

Organic Peanut Butter

Contains only peanuts and salt
Made in Zimbabwe

Planet Low Carb

Low carb bread, pasta, flavoured water, bread in a cup.
072 118 6252 /

Nuts About You

Nuts, seeds, nut flour, xyllitol, cocnut oil, etc.


All Corrado’s Pesto and Sauces Banting products are made with extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil, locally grown garlic which we peal ourselves and imported Italian Parmesan cheese. Our Sweet Basil Pesto have Roasted Macadamia nuts.
Camille Consiglio
083 663 9622

Lorian’s Cheeses

We sell delicious cheeses from artisinal cheese makers from around South Africa.
082 652 6655  /

Ché Gourmet

Authentic Kimchi, Kraut, Kimchi Salt / +27 72 125 1804

Life is Bantingful!

Banting cheesecake, quiches, lemon curd    0787223355

Kids Corner

Starlight Crafts
Arts & Crafts for the kids while you do your shopping.
0797355522  /

Rocky Valley Farm

Artisanal hard and soft cheeses with Goats Milk, fresh from our own goats. Our products do not contain any preservatives, colourants or flavourants.
0836808840  /

The Real Stuff

Banting fudge, products for kids, sugar free jelly sweets, etc.  /  0842756423

Free Range Eggs

Free range, organic eggs.
Raymond & Adel Harris – 074 601 3759

Vegetable Spiralizer

Phillip: 0843832302

Iksa Olives

Olives & olive products  /  0716998118


Sugar and Preservative free Jams & Cordials
084 576 7973

Take The Lead

Healthy pet’s food
0836565020  /

Saucy Pots

Banting sauces, mayo and bread

Fernanda: 076 543 9839  /


Healthy atchar and mayo
Adelaide: 083 306 3261  /

We Love Low Carb

Bread and baked goods

Lu Radloff: 082 928 9784 /

Low Carb Factory

Banting and diabetic friendly, ultra low carbohydrate almond bread, pitas, pizzas, vetkoek and mince, jaffles and gourmet pies freshly baked, no sugar, no white flour, no wheat, and no preservatives

Robert Reich 072 024 9448

International Deli

Kris & Julita Rostowski

082452 2845

The Honey Hut

Pure natural non-irradiated honey from your local apiary
Raw honey
Moritz Kallmeyer
082 787 9136


Fresh vegetables
Billy Cowley
082 731 4062

Gail’s farm fresh chicken

Free range farm chickens

082 576 0895


Venison and game meat

C: 0832825550  DIETZ VAN DER SANDE


Skinny Waffles

Gluten free, sugar free waffles

Juan du Plessis

082 335 7939


Organic free range biltong

Adri Fourie
082 783 0468

Organics by Nature

Microgreens (pea, radish, mizuna and alfalfa), wheatgrass and sprouts

Natalie Sewell
071 175 9937

Onkel Willem

Frozen dinners

Elna en Rosa

079 891 7925

Summer Trading TEA

Retang Phaahla
079 967 8063

Pure Banting

Rusks & crackers0844001424

The Keto Kitchen

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Wheat Free baked products and lunch box range, cakes, pizza bases, free range eggs, coconut milk and cream, cookies, etc.

Nico 0827835028

Milana 0718743137


Banter’s Bliss

Cheese grillers, ribs, sausage, biltong
082 551 8489
Sam Serfontein

Perky Pepper

Dipping sauce, shiraz caramelized onions, meat rub, salt rub, sundried tomato and chilli sauce

All About Health

Healthy breakfast and snack options made with love for you!

Laura McDermid


Berry Cherry – Fresh Strawberries

Fresh and frozen strawberries

Sorella Indulgences

Delicious Hand Made Sugar Free Chocolates & confections

011 7051775

Banting Delights

Indulge in delicious & delectable banting sauces
084 783 5517

Propa Products Pate


Sarah Proctor

083 274 2383

Listening Hands

Cannabis oil
Estie Muller


Equipment rental

Rean van Bergen
082 353 8139
012 998 0778

Primo Delizia

Drinking Custard, Almond Clusters, Seed Clusters, Ginger Lozenges, Lactose / Dairy Free Ice Cream

084 657 3448


Fresh avos and avo products
083 212 4558